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Which of the following is a result of a longshore current?
a) waves striking the shore at an angle
b) waves traveling perpendicular to the shore
c) waves hitting the shore head-on
d) waves rising and falling with the tides

Which of these has the greatest effect on Earth's tides?
a) currents
b) climate
c) density
d) gravity

What happens when an ocean wave breaks on the shore?
a) It becomes more salty.
b) It becomes denser.
c) It loses energy.
d) It gains energy.

Which of these is a good way to conserve water at home?
a) Take short showers rather than full baths.
b) Install a modern septic tank system.
c) Drink less water than your body needs.
d) Water the lawn during the hottest part of the day.

The amount of matter in a given volume of ocean water is the water's
a) pressure
b) density
c) oxygen content
d) salt content

Wind blowing across the ocean causes
a) nutrient currents to form
b) thermocline currents to form
c) surface currents to form
d) deep currents to form

What is a drought?
a) a long period of higher than normal rainfall
b) a long period of lower than normal rainfal
c) a long period of lower than normal temperature
d) a long period of higher than normal temperature

How do countries limit the pollution of water?
a) by making laws and treaties
b) by banning irrigation
c) by desalinating seawater
d) by building dams

What causes most pollution of fresh water?
a) wastewater from factories
b) point-source pollutants
c) nonpoint-source pollutants
d) broken septic systems

Which of these would be used to treat the wastewater in a large city?
a) a sewer system
b) a septic system
c) a hydroelectric dam
d) a desalination plant

Which of these might be used to treat wastewater from a house on a farm?
a) a large sewer system
b) a septic system
c) a small dam
d) a desalination plant

What is the most important use of water in your daily life?
a) washing cars
b) irrigating the food crops that you eat
c) transporting products you use each day
d) moving nutrients through your body

Which water cycle process forms clouds?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) transpiration

In which water cycle process does liquid water becomes water vapor?
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) precipitation
d) transpiration

Which of these correctly describes the water on Earth?
a) about 3% fresh water and 97% salt water
b) about 24% fresh water and 76% salt water
c) about 76% fresh water and 24% salt water
d) about 97% fresh water and 3% salt water

Most of Earth's fresh water is found in
a) glaciers and icebergs
b) rivers and streams
c) ponds and lakes
d) aquifers and springs

Water is important because it
a) is necessary for life
b) never changes its form
c) covers 1/4 of Earth's surface
d) always exists in a liquid state

An increase in temperature can cause liquid water to change to
a) ice cubes
b) water vapor
c) rain
d) sleet

Which water cycle process is rain?
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

Bodies of surface water are called
a) aquifers and impermeable rocks
b) ponds and impermeable rocks
c) lakes and ponds
d) aquifers and streams

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