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a) Process by which land becomes more and more dry until it becomes a desert
b) When people travel through deserts
c) The study of deserts
d) Making dry areas inhabitable

Marginal Land
a) a small area of land
b) land that is not well suited for farming
c) A large area of land
d) Land that is excellent for farming

Pastoral Nomads
a) People that sty in one place
b) Groups of herders who move with thier animals from place to place in search of water
c) Farmers
d) Tribal leaders

What major geographic areas border the Sahara desert?
a) Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Sahel, Nigeria
b) Atlas Mountians, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean
c) Congo Basin, Sahel, Sudan, Nile River
d) Pacific Ocean, United States, your house, Home Depot

What are Ergs?
a) Giant sand dunes
b) Flat rocky plains
c) Dry river beds
d) Tall rocky plateaus

What are Wadis?
a) Tall rocky plateaus
b) Giant sand dunes
c) Flat rocky plains
d) Dry river beds

What are Regs?
a) Flat rocky plains
b) Dry river beds
c) Giant sand dunes
d) Tall rocky plateaus

What are Hammmadas?
a) Dry river beds
b) Flat rocky plains
c) Tall rocky plateaus
d) Giant sand dunes

The nomadic Tuareg are known as the...
a) Foriegn invaders
b) Desert farmers
c) Blue men of the desert
d) Desert truckers

Largest desert on Earth
a) Gobi
b) Mojave
c) Sahara
d) Sahel

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