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Why is the population of the Sahara so low?
a) limited access to water
b) limited access to oil
c) too much oil
d) too much water

In the Sahel, overgrazing and drought have resulted in a decrease in the grassland region. What is this process called?
a) desertification
b) deforestation
c) reforestation
d) desalinization

Due to desertification in Africa:
a) grassland regions are decreasing
b) higher populations of Africans are moving to the Sahara
c) the Sahara gets smaller each year
d) the tropical rain forests are disappearing

Which statement about deforestation is true?
a) Deforestation can cause desertification.
b) Deforestation is helpful to native animal species.
c) Deforestation cannot be reversed
d) Deforestation is good for the soil.

What effect do poor soil and deforestation have on land in Africa?
a) Land is useless for farming and agriculture.
b) Land becomes part of national park systems.
c) Land is excellent for archaeological dig sites.
d) Land becomes a better place to raise families.

Which of these is an environmental problem that has been caused by deforestation in Africa?
a) lack of clean air
b) lack of natural resources
c) lack of warm weather
d) lack of population growth

How is water distributed throughout Africa?
a) Water is not evenly distributed across Africa.
b) Water is only located in sub-Saharan Africa.
c) Northern Africa and sub-Saharan Africa have equal amounts of water.
d) High quantities of water exist in the Sahara and the Sahel.

How has the lack of safe drinking water affected development in sub-Saharan Africa?
a) It has slowed down economic growth.
b) It has led to an increase in the importance of natural resources.
c) It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence on the continent.
d) It has persuaded Africans to move to the North where there is more water.

How has water pollution affected Africa?
a) It has decreased the amount of water available for drinking and irrigation.
b) It has had no effect on the amount of water available for drinking and irrigation.
c) It has increased the amount of water available for drinking and irrigation.
d) It has led to peace between all nations in the region.

Why are droughts so dangerous for Africans living in the Sahel?
a) Most people rely on farming.
b) Diamond mining employs the most people.
c) Thick rainforests cover the region.
d) Oil is the major industry.

Which region of Africa has high populations due to large supplies of water, a climate that is more suitable for farming, and the relative ease of travel?
a) savanna
b) tropical rain forest
c) the Sahara
d) the Sahel

Due to the large number of Arabs in northern Africa, what is the most practiced religion of that region?
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Hinduism

Which major African ethnic group is primarily made up of Christians?
a) the Ashanti
b) the Bantu
c) the Arabs
d) the Swahili

Most Arabs and Swahili practice:
a) Islam
b) ethnic religions
c) Christianity
d) Buddhism

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