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Cells that are part of multi-cellular organisms are differentiated. What does that mean?
a) Each cell has many different jobs to do all at once.
b) The cells look different from each other and are specialized to do one job only.
c) One cell can take on many different shapes.
d) Cells can do different jobs at different times.

How is a root hair cell adapted for its job?
a) They have special organelles for absorbing the maximum amount of water.
b) They have an extra mitochondria for absorbing the maximum amount of water.
c) They have a square shape for absorbing the maximum amount of water.
d) They have a lot of surface area/a long extensioin for absorbing the maximum amount of water.

Groups of similar cells that look alike and do the same sort of work/job are:
a) tissues
b) organs
c) organ systems
d) organelles

Which plant tissue type transports water and food around a plant?
a) ground
b) dermal
c) vascular
d) chloroplast

Which animal organ system Transports food/nutrients, and oxygen to all your cells and also helps remove wastes?
a) circulatory
b) respiratory
c) excretory
d) immune

Which plant organ absorbs water, anchors the plant and sometimes stores food?
a) root
b) stem
c) leaves
d) flowers

We know that all living things need to take in oxygen. Why do they need this oxygen? What is it used for?
a) They need it in order to get energy from their food (to perform cellular respiration).
b) They need it in order to remove wastes.
c) They need it to perform photosynthesis.
d) They need it to clean out the cells.

In what process do living things get energy to perform life functions?
a) endocytosis
b) photosynthesis
c) osmosis
d) respiration

Two waste products of cellular respiration are:
a) oxygen and sugar
b) oxygen and water
c) carbon dioxide and sugar
d) water and carbon dioxide

Why are plants and animals interdependent on each other?
a) Plants make glucose and oxygen which are needed by animals. Animals make carbon dioxide for the plant.
b) Plants make carbon dioxide and water for the animal and animals make oxygen for the plant.
c) Plants make water for animals and animals make oxygen for plants.
d) Animals make carbon dioxide and glucose for plants and plants make oxygen for animals.

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