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Why do you need a control?
a) So you can measure the experiment
b) You need it to compare the experiment results to (so you can see if there is a difference or not)
c) The control is the boss who controls things.
d) You don't need one.

What step follows the Observations?
a) Hypothesis
b) Analysis
c) Problem
d) Experiment

SpongeBob wanted to know if customers would buy more Krabby Patties if he added a new secret ingredient: Pineapples! Which of the following statements are true?
a) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: customers; CONTROL: no customers
c) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: Krabby Patties; CONTOL: customers
d) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: Krabby patties with Pineapple; CONTROL: Krabby Patties no Pineapple

What is the first step of the scientific method?
a) Hypothesis
b) Problem
c) Observations
d) Conclusion

What step do you do BEFORE you make your hypothesis?
a) Experiment
b) Problem
c) Conclusion
d) Research

How should you phrase a hypothesis?
a) I think ....
b) If....then...because
c) The answer will be ....
d) Because....

Do you do the experiment BEFORE or AFTER you make your hypothesis?
a) Before
b) After
c) I don't know
d) At the same time

What do you do in a conclusion?
a) Answer the original question
b) Explain why (support your answer)
c) Say if your hypothesis was supported or not
d) All of the above

SpongeBob wanted to know if he swam faster after drinking a seaweed milkshake. Which of the following statements is true?
a) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: no seaweed milkshake; CONTROL: seaweed milkshake
b) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: seaweed milkshake; CONTROL: no seaweed milkshake
c) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: swimming; CONTROL: not swimming
d) EXPERIMENTAL VARIABLE: not swimming; CONTROL: swimming

Why is there only one experimental variable?
a) It costs less if you only have one variable.
b) So you don't make mistakes
c) So you only have to do the experiment once
d) If there was more than one, you wouldn't know what caused the results

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