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Using the internet to search for a job
a) includes posting your resume for employers to review
b) never costs anything
c) only applies to technical or computer related jobs
d) all of the these

All of the following are steps in the career planning process except
a) creating an internet web site to promote a personal interest
b) obtaining additional education and training after you being a career to prepare for possible career or company changes
c) determining what kinds of jobs are available
d) assessing your abilities

Item that are least likely to be included on a resume are
a) school grades
b) school activities
c) community service projects
d) career-oriented classes completed

An example of on-the-job training would be
a) an internship program with an exporting company
b) an international company tour for students from different nations
c) a summer Asian politics course at a local college
d) a global economics seminar with employees from several companies

Job creation refers to
a) inventing an employment position based on your skills
b) new jobs resulting from technology
c) employment based on trade among countries
d) hiring a person from one country to work in another country

The purpose of an informational interview is to
a) gather information about a career or organization
b) obtain a part-time job
c) acquire on-the-job training
d) review the performance of a worker

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is designed to
a) provide information about jobs in various career fields
b) inform people of jobs available with the federal government
c) explain the process of working for a multinational company
d) assist students who wish to obtain a summer internship

An example of a career rather than a job is
a) a regional sales manager position for a health care company
b) part-time employment after school with an exporting company
c) a summer internship with a multinational company that sells food products in 56 countries
d) summer work as an office clerk for an importing business

The chance of employee failure on an overseas assignment can be reduced by all of the following practices except
a) providing extra compensation for taking an international assignment
b) providing training before, during, and after the assignment
c) making international assignments part of the long-term employee development process
d) providing a job that uses the employee's international experience when the employee returns from the assignment

A job description should include all of the following information except
a) the marital status and family characteristics required for the job
b) the identification or title of the job
c) the education and experience requirements of the job
d) the duties and responsibilities of the job

The type of human resources approach that uses the best available managers without regard for their countries of origin is the
a) geocentric approach
b) ethnocentric approach
c) polycentric approach
d) regiocentric approach

The type of human resources approach that uses natives of the host country to manage operations within their country and parent country natives to manage at headquarters is the
a) polycentric approach
b) ethnocentric approach
c) regiocentric approach
d) geocentric approach

Common reasons why parent-country national fail in international assignments include all of the following except
a) the employee dislikes local government
b) the employee's spouse has difficulty adjusting
c) the employee has difficulty accepting new responsibilities
d) the employee's children have difficulty coping

Supply analysis is
a) determining if there are sufficient types and numbers of employees available
b) using selection and reduction processes
c) estimating in advance the types and numbers of employees needed
d) balance the demand for and the supply of employees

Of the following, the least useful type of training to a French employee in South Korea would be
a) court system
b) Korean language
c) economy
d) culture

Career choice and availability of different kinds of jobs are affected by several factors including
a) all of these
b) demographics, such as an increase in average life span
c) economic conditions such as changing consumer demands
d) personal factors such as the education and experience required for a specific job

The experience section of a resume should include all of the following except
a) the salary earned in past jobs held
b) employers' names and addresses for current and past jobs
c) community service activities that were similar to a job
d) the description of the major job duties of past jobs held

A resume should include all of the following information except
a) marital background
b) past job duties described using action verbs
c) awards and honors
d) specific courses that are relevant to the job

The changes of having a successful employment interview are increased if you
a) all of these
b) do practice interviews to improve your skills
c) arrive early and try to relax
d) research the company and prepare questions to ask the interviewer

Networking with international professionals can be acheived by
a) all of these
b) joining a professional organization that has members with international experience
c) talking with expatriates who have recently returned from international assignments
d) interact with people from other countries who live and work in the intermediate area

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