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All of the following statements describe behaviors that could be influenced by cultural differences except
a) George prefers to work in a local company where several of his relatives also work
b) Theo buys all the products her company manufacturers because she plans to work for the company until she retires
c) Mario is uncomfortable when his supervisor asks him for an opinion about a project at work
d) Oki does not like to work in an office that is air conditioned

All of the following are action that a participative manager would take except
a) give employees the opportunity to learn on their own and supply their own motivation
b) help employees set goals and ways to measure them
c) keep employees informed about project needs
d) encourage employees to contribute ideas and suggestions

A manager who usually completes projects by ordering employees to do certain tasks but does not tell the employees how the tasks contribute to the project is
a) an autocratic manager
b) a participative manager
c) a free-reign manager
d) a manager who combines several styles of manager

Leadership can be described as
a) the ability to get others to follow
b) the ability to use resources to achieve goals
c) gathering information to solve problems
d) forcing people to do what you want them to do

In the managerial sense, delegating is
a) transferring authority and responsibility
b) selecting a representative to government
c) accepting authority and responsibility, alone
d) centralizing power

A flat organization
a) has few levels of managers
b) has many levels of managers
c) is the first stage in becoming a global organization
d) is an organization that is managed ineffectively

A well constructed organizational chart documents
a) all the departmental relationships within the organization
b) autocratic management
c) only managerial positions with the organization
d) selected managerial relationships within the organization

Span of control refers to
a) the number of employees that a manager supervises
b) the distance in feet between the employees and their manager
c) the number of levels of managers within the organization
d) the distance between levels of management in an organization

The free-reign manager
a) exists primarily as a contact person for outsiders
b) rules with a heavy hand
c) regularly consults with employees
d) centralizes authority in his or her posistion

Argo, Inc., is a global corporation with Asian, European, and North American divisions. From this information, you can infer that it is organized by
a) geography
b) process
c) product
d) function

Juliette supervises three printing-press operators at the local newspaper. Juliette is a
a) front line manager
b) middle manager
c) senior manager
d) chief executive officer

All of the following are examples of the controlling function of management except
a) motivating employees
b) taking preventative and corrective actions
c) using outside auditors to review accounting records
d) adjusting inputs to maximize outputs

A company that is organized into separate divisions for paper, plastic and metal products is an example of organization by
a) product
b) function
c) geography
d) division

Lines of authority
a) indicate who is responsible to whom and for what
b) are usually less clearly understood in a small sole proprietorship
c) are not as important in a larger business where people work as teams
d) none of these

Human resource management is different in the global and the domestic environments because
a) companies must cope with differences in national and global orientations
b) there are no obstacles to worker mobility
c) all companies in the global environment choose the same human resources mix
d) labor markets are the same around the world

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