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The United States, Canada, Mexico established the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for what purpose?
a) To create trade barriers like tariffs and quotas.
b) To stop the spread of communism.
c) To protect North America from foreign military invasions.
d) To make trade easier by removing barriers like tariffs.

Why would a country put a tariff in place?
a) To make foreign goods seem cheaper
b) To make foreign goods more expensive
c) To make domestic goods less attractive to consumers
d) None of the above

Which is a way that entrepreneurs help increase a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
a) writing laws to protect personal property
b) creating businesses that make money give people jobs
c) closing businesses that are making too much money
d) working to decrease the amount of goods and services sold in a country

Where do most Brazilians choose to live?
a) In the coastal cities
b) In the Amazon Rainforest
c) In the Andes Mts.
d) None of the Above

If a country invests in human capital by building schools universities to educate its workforce, what effect are they hoping it will most likely have on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
a) the GDP will go up/improve
b) the GDP will go down/get smaller
c) The two things have nothing to do w/ each other
d) None of the Above

Which of the following situations would be an example of investment in physical capital?
a) A government making laws to protect forests from being cut down.
b) A government hiring teachers to train workers.
c) A pizza shop owner buying a new oven that can cook faster.
d) All of the above are examples of investment in physical capital.

Which of the following best describes both the governments of Mexico and Brazil?
a) Autocratic Dictatorships w/ Federal Systems
b) Presidential Democracies w/ Federal Systems
c) Parliamentary Democracy w/ Unitary Systems
d) Oligarchies w/ Federal Systems

Which of the following best describes Cuba?
a) Capitalist
b) Communist
c) Theocracy
d) Federal

Where do most people in Venezuela choose to live why?
a) In the mountainous areas of the southern part of the country, because more jobs are there.
b) In the south, so they will be closer to Brazil.
c) The population is evenly scattered throughout the whole country.
d) In the northern coastal areas mountain valleys, because it is a bit drier and cooler there.

What city is effected by air pollution?
a) Cancun, Mexico
b) Savannah, GA
c) Rio de Janerio, Brazil
d) Mexico City

Which Country faces the problems of deforestation?
a) Brazil
b) Venezuela
c) Mexico
d) Haiti

What is being done about the deforestation?
a) It is illegal to cut down any trees
b) There are limits to how many trees can be cut down
c) Nothing is being done about deforestation
d) Cutting down trees is encouraged

Which country is the 6th largest producer of oil in the world?
a) Brazil
b) Venezuela
c) Mexico
d) Haiti

A major trade corridor in Brazil is _______________.
a) Andes mountains
b) Atacama Desert
c) Amazon River
d) Amazon Rainforest

which country has oil related environmental issues?
a) Haiti
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Venezuela

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