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Which type of government is governed by the people?
a) Democratic
b) Republic
c) Dictatorship
d) Anarchy

What is bauxite
a) A native bird of Belize
b) A type of mineral
c) A dinner of plantains
d) A type of sand

What is chicle?
a) A small U.S. island
b) A chicken's diet
c) A type of sand
d) A substance used in gum

What is a canal?
a) A man-made waterway
b) A crop used by a family
c) A blue stone
d) A Mayan ball game

What is the term for a product that a country ships overseas and sells?
a) Import
b) Export
c) Sea Port
d) USB Port

What is the term for a Guatemalan resident who speaks Spanish but pratices a European lifestyle?
a) Mestizo
b) Bauxite
c) Chicle
d) Ladino

What is a literacy rate?
a) The percentage of people per square mile
b) The percentage of people who can read and write
c) How books are manufactured in a certain country
d) The price of books in a specific setting

About how many species of mammals live in Belize?
a) 500
b) 25
c) 145
d) 350

About how many species of reptiles and amphibeans live in Belize?
a) 698
b) 27
c) 296
d) 139

Which of these is not a type of habitat in Belize?
a) Praries
b) Mountains
c) Forests
d) Lowlands

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