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Huck doesn't tell Jim the king and duke are frauds because...
a) He doesn't want to stir up trouble.
b) He is not 100% sure.
c) He thinks it is funny that Jim does not know.
d) He wants to wait and then take all their money.

Jim covers up the dead man in the house...
a) To stop rodents from eating at it.
b) To give it a proper 'sea' burial.
c) To protect Huck.
d) To hide another runaway slave.

Even though they use the stairs,...
a) Tom pretends that they just magically arrived.
b) Tom 'let's on' that they went up the lightening rod.
c) Huck thinks they should have climbed up the lightening rod.
d) Aunt Polly catches them.

Even though its time consuming, Tom insists...
a) They pray before freeing Jim.
b) They wait till everyone is asleep before freeing Jim.
c) They go home and eat before freeing Tom.
d) They use knives to dig Jim out.

Jim doesn't like the duke and the king, but...
a) Huck tells him to leave them alone.
b) The king and duke like Jim.
c) Huck knows they are friends.
d) They are slave-catchers, so who can blame him.

In regards to Jim's 'escape'....
a) Huck tries to buy Jim first.
b) Tom doesn't let on that Jim's already free.
c) Huck wants to leave him there.
d) Tom and Huck get caught trying to free Jim.

Huck doesn't mind living in the woods because...
a) It is relaxing, smoking and living off the land.
b) He is alone most of the time.
c) He likes his dad, for the most part.
d) He feels good when he is in nature.

Huck lies to the slave-catchers, the king and duke, and others along the way...
a) To get their money.
b) To protect himself.
c) To gain sympathy and help.
d) To protect Jim.

Huck says life on the raft is perfect because...
a) No one tells him what to do.
b) It's free, easy and comfortable.
c) He doesn't have to be clean all the time.
d) He gets to travel.

Huck Finn runs away because...
a) His life is not adventurous enough.
b) He wants to live free and dirty.
c) His father is abusive and is going to lock him away.
d) Widow Douglas is turning him in to a 'sivilized' boy.

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