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Dogs bark at Huck, and then...
a) They begin to chase him.
b) A man says, ''Who's prowling out there?''
c) Tom appears from behind a tree.
d) Jim finds Huck.

Aunt Polly and the Phelps hear how Jim helped Tom, so...
a) They bake him a cake.
b) They try to buy him for themselves.
c) They make a plan to set Jim free.
d) They turn a blind-eye while Jim runs away again.

Jim is afraid to call out to Huck because...
a) There are people searching for him.
b) Jim thinks the whole thing could be a dream.
c) Huck told him to leave him alone.
d) He is frightened of slave-catchers.

Buck is killed, so...
a) Huck picks up a gun to continue the fight.
b) The Shephersons give up the fight.
c) Huck goes back to the raft.
d) Huck buries his body.

Jack says he wants to show Huck something, and ...
a) Huck says, ''No.''
b) Huck thinks it is a trap.
c) He leaves Huck in the swamps to get lost.
d) He finds Jim waiting in the swamp.

Sophia runs off with Harney Shepherson, so...
a) The feuding families call a truce.
b) The Shephersons keep her locked away.
c) The Grangerfords get their guns.
d) The law will not step in for either side.

The bullet is removed from Tom's leg , so...
a) Tom will be able to run soon.
b) They make a big fuss over him.
c) He gets grounded.
d) Tom keeps it as a memory of his adventure.

The Gangerfords are in a feud with the Shephersons because of...
a) The Grangerford daughter ran off with a Shepherson son.
b) A dispute over land.
c) Old man Grangerford married old man Shepherson's love.
d) Some unexplained trouble from 30 years ago.

Huck says that his family has died, so...
a) The Grangerfords give him money to keep going.
b) The Grangerfords take him in.
c) The Grangerfords keep him prisoner.
d) He is sent on his way with a slammed door to the face.

Huck discovers that writing a book is a lot of trouble, so...
a) He isn't going to do it again.
b) He will have Tom help him next time.
c) He gave up on it.
d) He asks Jim to help him write it.

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