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Constellations are used
a) as a calendar
b) to find directions
c) by sailors for navigation
d) all the answers are correct

Another famous asterism would be
a) The Pleiades
b) Ursa Major
c) Ursa Minor
d) Perseus

Which of the following constellations IS a circumpolar constellation?
a) Ursa Minor
b) Cancer
c) Leo
d) Hydra

A famous asterism would be
a) Taurus
b) Gemini
c) The Big Dipper
d) Orion

Which of the following IS a winter constellation?
a) Canis Major
b) Lyra
c) Hercules
d) Sagittarius

Which of the following is NOT a winter constellation?
a) Orion
b) Perseus
c) Gemini
d) Scorpius

Which of the following IS a circumpolar constellation?
a) Cepheus
b) Taurus
c) Gemini
d) Pegasus

Which of the following is NOT a circumpolar constellation?
a) Orion
b) Ursa Major
c) Cassiopeia
d) Draco

There are ______________ constellations.
a) 8,000
b) 88
c) 100
d) 44

An asterism is
a) a group of star clusters.
b) a well known group of stars found in a constellation.
c) a group of galaxies that are recognized by NASA.
d) a collection of black holes.

Constellations are
a) groups of galaxies that form a shape
b) groups of star clusters that form a shape and usually have a mythological name
c) a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern
d) a group of stars that are close together and held together with the force of gravity

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