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_______ was the brutal head of the Committee of Public Safety.
a) Jean-Paul Marat
b) Jean Valjean
c) Maximilien Robespierre
d) Victor Hugo

The ________ was crucial to Britain's Industrial Revolution.
a) steam engine
b) flying shuttle
c) bicycle
d) water-powered loom

The Committee of Public Safety was given broad powers to
a) defend France from threats.
b) protect the Paris Commune from thieves.
c) drain all the canals.
d) restore order to Brussels.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen proclaimed
a) an end to the National police force.
b) equal rights for all citizens, including equal political rights for women.
c) an end to the monarchy and the abolishing of a National Assembly.
d) equal rights for all men, but no political rights for women.

The French National Assembly swore the Tennis Court Oath, which was
a) a promise not to rest until all members of the clergy were tried and executed.
b) a promise to destroy all of nation's tennis bracelets.
c) an oath of loyalty to Jean Valjean, an outspoken lawyer that called for doing away with the relics of feudalism.
d) a vow to continue to meet until they had produced a French constitution.

Adam Smith believed in laissez-faire, by which he meant that
a) the state should not regulate the economy.
b) the assets of the rich should be taken.
c) those who are able to work should help to support those who cannot work.
d) the state should monitor the economy and impose regulations to keep it healthy.

The ideas of ______can be found in the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
a) John Locke
b) Miguel de Cervantes
c) John Calvin
d) Thomas Wilson

_______ was the first to argue that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the universe.
a) Ptolemy
b) Johannes Kepler
c) Nicholas Copernicus
d) Martin Luther

What is absolutism?
a) the practice by monarchs of undergoing daily absolution to keep states free of the burden of sin
b) a system of government in which a ruler holds total power
c) the belief that all citizens within a state must conform to one religion
d) an offshoot of Islam, in which it is believed that baptism absolves all past and future sins

James I of England believed in the divine right of kings, which is
a) the belief that a king was granted the wisdom of God upon ascending to the throne, and therefore was faultless.
b) the concept that kings were equal to God, and therefore did not have to live by the laws of the Church.
c) the theory that kings alone could know the mind of God, and therefore could determine the future through divination.
d) the idea that kings receive their power from God and are responsible only to God.

Who proposed the germ theory of disease?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Michael Faraday
c) Louis Pasteur
d) Farhid Molotof

_________ believed humans were guided not by reason and moral ideals, but by a ruthless struggle for self preservation.
a) John Locke
b) Thomas Hobbes
c) Martin Luther
d) John McCain

The __________ theory stated that the sun was the center of the universe.
a) sun center
b) center sun
c) heliocentric
d) sunliocentric

When the Estates-Genearl convened in May, 1789, it was the intention of Luis XVI to
a) kill everyone
b) enslave the Third Estate
c) get a divorce
d) raise taxes

During the ______________, close to 40,000 people were killed.
a) Reign of Horror
b) Reign of Terror
c) Years of bloodshed
d) Bloody Years

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