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______ is a recently developed software delivery method where an application is licensed for use as a service.
a) SaaS
b) ASP
c) Open Source
d) Bundleware

Many companies, government organizations, and educational institutions purchase a _______ .
a) Web application
b) service pack
c) network license
d) single user license

A disk derangementer is an example of a(n)
a) operating system
b) utility
c) language translator
d) compiler

there are ________ categories of system software.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

Which of the following is not an operating system?
a) Microsoft Windows
b) Linux
c) Visual Basic
d) Mac OS

Which of the following is not a category of system software?
a) Operating systems
b) Bundleware
c) Utilities
d) Language translators

Which task can you perform in the Word Options dialog box?
a) Add and remove buttons from the Quick access toolbar
b) Scan a document and print a copy
c) Create an algorithm
d) Report bugs in the software

__________ software includes authoring, animation, music, and virtual reality.
a) Education, home and personal
b) Multimedia
c) Workgroup computing
d) System

Word processors and database systems are types of :
a) application software
b) system software
c) utilities
d) operating systems

What process involves running systematic test, debugging, and beta testing?
a) Quality control
b) Installing software
c) Downloading an update
d) Entering data

After writing an algorithm for solving a problem very plainly, the next step would be to rewrite the steps in:
a) a flowchart
b) machine language
c) a programming language
d) the quality control process

Using the analogy of a book when talking about a computer, the pages and ink of the book would be like the ____________ of a computer.
a) software
b) hardware
c) bundleware
d) software liscense

Keyboards, scanners, and microphones are examples of:
a) software programs
b) input devices
c) output devices
d) utilities

Another word for software is:
a) input
b) output
c) program
d) system

Software piracy is
a) preventable by copyrighting the software
b) almost impossible to stop
c) the authorized copying of software
d) the responsibility of the manufacturer

Which software modification generally involves radical changes to the product?
a) Upgrade
b) Patch
c) Update
d) Service Pack

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