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The brother of Moses
a) Aaron
b) Paul
c) Jacob
d) no correct answer given

The pharaoh would not free the Israelites so God sent
a) ten plagues
b) nine plagues
c) eight plagues
d) seven plagues

After the tenth plague, pharaoh told Moses to take the Israelites and leave
a) immediately
b) never
c) the next day
d) in one weeks time

This event is when the Israelites remember That God passed over their homes
a) Passover
b) Hanukkah
c) Easter
d) Christmas

God guided his people out of Egypt with
a) a column of cloud by day and column of fire by night
b) flashlights
c) candles
d) no correct answer given

The Israelites were trapped at this place until God separated the waters
a) Red Sea
b) Indian Ocean
c) Dead Sea
d) Jordan River

The waters of the Red Sea represent to Christians
a) saving waters of Baptism
b) Eucharist
c) Holy Spirit
d) No correct answer given

A slave born in Haiti who eventually was recognized by Pope John Paul II
a) Pierre Toussaint
b) Peter Toussaint
c) St. Paul
d) no correct answer given

A year long celebration observed by Jewish people in ancient times
a) Jubilee
b) Christmas
c) Easter
d) Passover

This group of people became slaves because the pharaoh was afraid of their growth in population and might one day rise up against Egypt
a) Israelites
b) Canaanites
c) Egyptians
d) no correct answer given

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