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a) to celebrate
b) to have a party
c) to get together
d) to invite

hacer una fiesta
a) to have a party
b) to invite
c) to decorate
d) to send

a) to get together
b) to invite
c) to have a party
d) to celebrate

a) to receive
b) to invite
c) to celebrate
d) to send

a) to send
b) to open
c) to decorate
d) to celebrate

a) to open
b) to send
c) to invite
d) to decorate

las tarjetas
a) the cards
b) the fireworks
c) the holidays
d) the gifts

los fuegos artificiales
a) the fireworks
b) the cards
c) the gifts
d) the holidays

los días festivos
a) the holidays
b) the gifts
c) the fireworks
d) the card

los regalos
a) the gifts
b) the holidays
c) the cards
d) the fireworks

la misa
a) the mass (church service)
b) the temple
c) the synagogue
d) last year

el año pasado
a) last year
b) the temple
c) the mass (church service)
d) the synagogue

la Navidad
a) Christmas
b) Easter
c) New Year's Day
d) Hannukah

el Día de los Enamorados
a) Valentine's Day
b) Independence Day
c) Thanksgiving
d) Christmas Eve

La Nochebuena
a) Christmas Eve
b) New Year's Eve
c) New Year's Day
d) Thanksgiving

La Nochevieja
a) New Year's Eve
b) Christmas Eve
c) Christmas
d) New Year's Day

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