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What is a quaker?
a) A person who traveled.
b) A person who wanted to follow rules.
c) A person who wanted to be free and worship the religion he chose.
d) A person living in Pennsylvania.

What does Philadelphia mean?
a) City of Brotherly Love
b) City of Family Love
c) City of Sisterly Love
d) City of Pennsylvania Love

William Penn founded what city?
a) Harrisburg
b) Jonestown
c) Philadelphia
d) Pittsburgh

What did William Penn promise people that came to Pennsylvania?
a) Hershey Chocolate
b) Religious Freedom
c) Farm animals
d) Land

What did William Penn want instead of money that was owed to his father?
a) animals
b) crops
c) land
d) freedom

What does Pennsylvania mean?
a) Land of farms
b) Penn's Woods
c) Penn's Farms
d) Land of woods

William Penn was the ______________ of Pennsylvania.
a) governor
b) secretary of state
c) principal
d) president

William Penn was born where?
a) Spain
b) England
c) Mexico
d) Pennsylvania

William Penn named Pennsylvania after who?
a) His mother
b) His brother
c) His father
d) His son

How did William Penn treat the Indians?
a) He cheated money from them.
b) He respected the Indians and they respected him.
c) He stole from the Indians.
d) He lied to them.

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