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Myra picked her husband by
a) tossing a lucky coin
b) having the men chose a number between 1 and 10
c) singing a magic riddle
d) choosing the one she loved

When Elya was sailing across the Atlantic he remembered
a) his father's words about marriage
b) the words to the song Madame Zeroni had taught him
c) he left his watch with Myra
d) his promise to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain

After coming to America Elya
a) was cursed with disasters
b) was lucky finding a gold mine
c) had 20 children
d) was unhappy and wanted to return home

Madame Zeroni would help Elya in exchange for
a) a trip up the mountain to drink from the spring.
b) a trip to America
c) Elya singing to her each night.
d) Being a companion to Madame Zeroni

Stanley's great-great-grandfather wanted
a) to buy a small pig farm
b) to become a pig farmer
c) to marry Myra
d) to become a famous inventor

Which question can you answer after reading chapter 7?
a) Will Stanley make friends at Camp Green Lake?
b) Did Stanley commit the crime for which he was convicted?
c) Will Stanley have trouble digging a five-foot deep hole?
d) Will Stanley's father invent a way to recycle old sneakers?

Why did Camp Green Lake have no guard towers or electric fences?
a) It was such a nice place nobody wanted to leave.
b) The guards carried guns and had trained dogs to hunt them down.
c) There was no water for a 100 miles and so running away would be suicide.
d) None of the Above

Mike felt as confident as ever when he started his boat engine that day. He noticed a few clouds gathering overhead, but did not worry about them.
a) foreshadowing
b) flashback

Mary heard the bells ring in the distance. She thought about the time not too long ago when that sound would make her break into a sprint. Now it was the that time again. She was running so that she would not be late for school.
a) foreshadowing
b) flashback

A long-forgotten memory came back to Peter as he drove through his old neighborhood. Mr. Smith's dog was chasing him down the street. He fell, and pain shot through his arm.
a) flashback
b) foreshadowing

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