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This button looks like a large solid square in front of a smaller solid square
a) bring forward
b) send back
c) group
d) ungroup

This button looks like a chain link
a) text lock
b) link text box
c) add hyperlink
d) group together

This button has a large capital A next to a smaller capital A
a) increase/ decrease font
b) character spacing
c) home tab
d) text fill

Thi s button looks like a letter a with four blue arrows around it
a) font scheme
b) text color
c) character spacing
d) text fit

This toolbar has the most commonly used buttons such as save, undo, and redo.
a) quick access toolbar
b) file tab
c) page navigation pane
d) notes pane

This button increases or decreases the amount of space between the text and the edge of the text box.
a) margins
b) text fit
c) character spacing
d) text fill

This is used to move around from page to page in Publisher
a) Quick Access Toolbar
b) Pinning
c) Page Navigation Pane
d) Home Tab

What is it called whe n you drag a program to the task bar?
a) Opening
b) Computing
c) Programming
d) Pinning

This button looks like a small black puppy with lines around it
a) bring forward
b) wrap text
c) send back
d) link text box

Designates a certain color for the various parts of your publication — text, headings, bullets, hyperlinks, shapes, and accents
a) Color Scheme
b) Font Scheme
c) Page Design
d) Character Spacing

Specifies a primary and secondary font for titles, headings, and captions
a) Color Scheme
b) Font Scheme
c) Page Design
d) Character Spacing

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