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A function is a predefined range.
a) True
b) False

An indicator that you already have the file open is that a border surrounds the selected filename in the Open dialog box.
a) True
b) False

If cells A1 through A5 contain numbers one through five respectively, and you drag the fill handle from A5 through A50, the cells A5 through A50 will contain
a) six through 50
b) all fives
c) all sixes
d) one through five in A6 throue A10, then one through five, in A11 through A15 and one through five in A16 through A20 and so

The default when inserting a row or column is
a) the row is inserted above; the column to the left
b) the row is inserted below; the column to the right
c) the row is inserted below; the column to the left
d) the row is inserted above; the column to the right

To select non-adjacent cells, click the first cell then press and hold
a) shift and click additional cells
b) the down arrow key and click additional cells
c) Ctrl and click additional cells
d) Alt and click additional cells

Which of the following could be considered a cell range?
a) A single cell
b) A group of cells in the same row
c) A group of cells in the same column
d) All three of the the other answers

A white arrow with a four-headed black arrow attached indicates that you can?
a) Move cell contents by dragging
b) Copy cell contents by dragging
c) Insert one or more rows
d) None of the other answers

What happens when you right click on a select cell range?
a) The cell range is deselected
b) A shortcut menu appears
c) The contents of the cell range are copied
d) None of the other answers

Using Excel's ___________ feature, you can easily fill in a series of numbers, dates, or other items in a specified range.
a) AutoFill
b) AutoComplete
c) AutoSum
d) AutoMatically

Cell B4 contains the number 10. What will be contained in cell B5 if you select B4 and use the fill handle to drag to B5
a) 20
b) 15
c) 10
d) none of the other answers

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