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The mouse pointer that looks like a line with arrows coming off of both sides is used for
a) moving cells
b) re-sizing
c) selecting a column or row
d) copying a cell

The __________ button allows you to easily find what you are looking for in a spreadsheet that has a lot of information
a) search
b) home
c) chart
d) filter

The mouse pointer that looks like this + is able to
a) select an entire row
b) copy or create a series
c) select a cell
d) move a cell to another part of the worksheet

The place on a spreadsheet where you can type information or enter a formula is called
a) Cell Address Box
b) Name Box
c) Filter
d) Formula Bar

One or more worksheets together in a file is called a
a) chart
b) filter
c) workbook
d) spreadsheet

The part of a spreadsheet that is always called by a number is called
a) row
b) column
c) table
d) filter

The part of a spreadsheet that is always called by a letter is called a
a) column
b) filter
c) row
d) table

The place in a spreadsheet where a row and column intersect is called a cell
a) chart
b) table
c) filter
d) cell

A grid of rows and columns containing numbers and text is called a
a) Worksheet
b) Workbook
c) Chart
d) Formula Bar

The place on the spreadsheet that tells the address of the active cell is
a) Column
b) Name Box or Cell Address Box
c) Row
d) Formula Bar

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