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This new contextual tab appears when you add a picture
a) Format
b) Insert
c) Picture
d) Tools

Page border is located on this tab
a) Home
b) Paragraph
c) Page Layout
d) Picture Tools

If you want to identify an icon, point to it and this appears
a) dialog box
b) screen tip
c) icon picture
d) mini toolbar

When the show/hide is on, there are small dots, what key did I press
a) enter
b) backspace
c) delete
d) space bar

The white piece of paper where you type all of the information is called
a) document pane
b) document 1
c) document view
d) document screen

To increase the page on the screen
a) change the font size
b) change the font
c) change the page layout
d) change the zoom

The undo icon can be found
a) QAT
b) Mini toolbar
c) Home tab
d) Paragraph group

Which one is NOT a text formatting element?
a) Font
b) Font size
c) Bullets
d) Font color

Which one is NOT a paragraph formatting element??
a) Change Case
b) Bullets
c) Center Alignment
d) Shading

I want to add an effct, glow to my picture, I will choose
a) Text Effect
b) Picture Effect
c) Change Styles
d) Font Color

Aspect is located under which group
a) Text Effect
b) Change Styles
c) Change Case
d) Picture Effect

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