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The main idea of a song is expressed in
a) Intro and Verse
b) Verse and Chorus
c) Chorus and Bridge
d) Bridge and Outro

What button do your press in the Drummer Editor to preview the region?
a) Preview
b) Play
c) Start
d) Pause

In the audio production software, what is the software instrument plug-in that plays drums samples triggered by Drummer?
a) Drum Settings
b) Drum Compression
c) Drum Kit Designer
d) Drum Presets

In the audio production software, drummers are organized by
a) character cards
b) regions
c) music genres
d) drum kits

In the audio production software, what knob is used to adjust the shuffle feel of the currently playing pattern?
a) Feel
b) Swing
c) Fills
d) Ghost Notes

In the audio production software, how do drummer regions display drum hits?
a) as squares
b) as circles
c) as triangles
d) as lines

In the audio production software, what is the shortcut for the Library?
a) L
b) B
c) Y
d) G

In the audio production software, an instrument is unmuted if it is
a) selected or yellow
b) unselected or gray
c) if the region is selected
d) if the region is unselected

In the audio production software, how do you rename the marker?
a) Shift-click the marker name
b) Control-click the marker name
c) Command-click the marker name
d) Click the marker name and choose from the menu

Markers can be
a) muted
b) unmuted
c) copied
d) selected

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