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In the audio production software, what is the shortcut for Smart Controls?
a) Cross Dissolve
b) G
c) S
d) B

Use the __________ to hear a different performance by the same drummer.
a) Drummer Card
b) Presets
c) Options
d) Drummer Kit

What in the Drummer Editor allows you to position the playhead anywhere within the selected region?
a) Details Area
b) Character Card
c) Yellow Ruler
d) Presets Area

Displays note events as horizontal beams.
a) Piano Roll Editor
b) Audio File Editor
c) Audio Track Editor
d) Drummer Editor

What is the shortcut in the audio production software to create a new file?
a) N
b) Shift-N
c) Command-N
d) Command-Shift-N

In the audio production software, each drummer has is own playing style and
a) drum kit
b) studio
c) region
d) personality

As you adjust settings in the drummer editor, drummer regions in the workspace
a) are not affected
b) are updated
c) disappear
d) are duplicated

In the audio production software, what are located on the top lane of the drummer region?
a) toms, cymbals, and hand percussions
b) snares, cymbals, and hand percussions
c) kicks and snares
d) kicks and toms

How do you divide a region?
a) Use the fade tool
b) Use the flex tool
c) Use the marquee tool
d) Use the solo tool

Once you convert a drummer region to a MIDI region, what editor opens in the main window?
a) Audio File Editor
b) Audio Track Editor
c) Drummer Editor
d) Piano Roll Editor

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