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A scientist who studies Earth is called a(n)
a) mineralogist
b) geologist
c) astronomer
d) gemologist

Any remains or imprints of living things of the past describes a(n)
a) gem
b) ore
c) fossil
d) rock

How well a mineral resists scratching is called its
a) luster
b) cleavage
c) hardness
d) streak

A chunk of rock from space that strike Earth is a(n)
a) meteorite
b) gem
c) mineral
d) ore

Hot, molten rock deep below Earth's surface is
a) humus
b) lava
c) deposition
d) magma

The nine objects that travel around the Sun and reflect its light are
a) planets
b) moons
c) solar systems
d) meteorites

The rocky surface that makes up the top of the lithosphere is Earth's
a) soil horizon
b) hydrosphere
c) crust
d) rock cycle

A crack in Earth's crust with sides that show evidence of motion is a(n)
a) cleavage
b) fault
c) deposition
d) shear

Any material that helps support life on Earth is called a(n)
a) gem
b) ore
c) mineral
d) resource

The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces is called
a) pollution
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) deposition

A solid material of Earth's crust with a definite composition is a(n)
a) mineral
b) fossil
c) volcano
d) meteorite

A Rock formed when melted Rock material cools and hardens is
a) Igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) humus

Earth's water is called the
a) lithosphere
b) crust
c) atmosphere
d) hydrosphere

The tendency of a moving object to keep moving in a straight line is called
a) gravity
b) rotation
c) inertia
d) tilt

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