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Fill in the blank: You can feast on that sentimental rubblish all you like; frankly, the merest taste of it is enough to _______ me.
a) habituate
b) delve
c) nauseate
d) engross

Fill in the blank: You may excuse their shenanigans as high spirits, but I think it is an outrage to display such ___________ on so solemn an occasion.
a) levity
b) trepidation
c) rue
d) accord

Fill in the blank: With that _________ appetite of his he need never fear the judgment, 'He eats like a bird.'
a) pert
b) voracious
c) shiftless
d) conventional

Fill in the blank: The student of history soon learns that in the pursuit of truth it is not always an easy task to distinguish fact from _____________.
a) embargo
b) trepidation
c) fallacy
d) accord

Fill in the blank: When I go into a card store, I generally go directly to the section labeled '_________ Greetings,' since I seldom remember a birthday until it has passed.
a) Veritable
b) Belated
c) Pivitol
d) Oulandish

Fill in the blank: The planning team _______ a campaign strategy to meet every conceivable contingency--except the one that eventually tripped up their candidate
a) appease
b) regaled
c) engrossed
d) devised

Fill in the blank: Some military transport planes are so __________ they can easily accommodate battle tanks and other armored vehicles.
a) capacious
b) pivitol
c) dexterous
d) tractable

Fill in the blank: One officer acted as a _______ while a back-up team stood ready yo apprehend any thug who might try to rob the helpless 'victim'.
a) ferret
b) decoy
c) recipient
d) tenet

Fill in the blank: The orderly transfer of power that marks the ________ from one administration to the next is one of the great achievements of the American political system.
a) barter
b) ruse
c) milieu
d) transition

Fill in the blank: The soldier was awarded a medal for heroism in recognition of the selfless ________ he displayed in rescuing his fallen comrade.
a) transition
b) gallantry
c) quirk
d) fallacy

ANALOGIES: naive is to sophistication as
a) wry is to humor
b) arrogant is to pride
c) kindred is to relatives
d) haughty is to humilty

ANALOGIES: dovetail is to clash as
a) adapt is to receive
b) exasperate is to mollify
c) gratify is to please
d) embody is to encompass

ANALOGIES: abyss is to deep as
a) valley is to long
b) bottom is to full
c) apex is to low
d) acme is to high

ANALOGIES: fiasco is to triumph as
a) armistice is to cease-fire
b) heritage is to birthright
c) foreboding is to optimism
d) stricture is to regulation

ANALOGIES: loiter is to aimless
a) estrange is to hopeless
b) embody is to senseless
c) malinger is to shiftless
d) amplify is to speechless

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE, WORD PAIRS: The treasurer should have been keeping tabs on the membership fund, but he was so _______ in his duties that someone managed to ______ the account of all but a few dollars without anyone being aware of the robbery.
a) tedious...villify
b) negligent....plunder
c) irascible...dovetail
d) reciprocal...exasperate

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE, WORD PAIRS: As a survivor of the concentration camps, the woman could personally _____ to the _____, unprecedented in scale and unequaled in horror, that were perpetrated against the innocent victims of the Nazis.
a) attest...enormities
b) embody...epochs
c) estrange...strictures
d) adapt...impediments

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE, WORD PAIRS: The ____ on some tombstones in that cemetery are deadly serious; others are wryly _____, even snide.
a) niches....bland
b) epitaphs...facetious
c) bolsters...pallid
d) pseudonyms....durable

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE, WORD PAIRS: I'd call the author's style ______ because she manages to ______ a great deal of meaning in very few words.
a) wry...preclude
b) naive...evolve
c) tedious...proclaim
d) pithy...convey

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE, WORD PAIRS: It was difficult to tell from his air of ______ detachment whether he had deliberately set himself apart from the group or had for some reason been ______ by its members.
a) aloof...ostracized
b) plausible...flaunted
c) inaudible....basked
d) volatile...sustained

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