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laughed at their ANTICS
a) photographs
b) pranks
c) costumes
d) misfortunes

an all-day VIGIL
a) conference
b) celbration
c) watch
d) outing

PERTURBED by the remarks
a) troubled
b) overjoyed
c) surprised
d) satisfied

COMPLY with our wishes
a) mock
b) obey
c) refuse
d) ignore

REVERT to their old ways
a) refer to
b) depart from
c) go back to
d) apologize for

a nasty WRANGLE
a) character
b) surprise
c) argument
d) plot

sang in UNISON
a) as with one voice
b) in an undertone
c) like a bird
d) out of tune

issued a DECREE
a) warning
b) edict
c) invitation
d) stamp

a DURABLE pair of boots
a) cheap
b) long-lasting
c) worn
d) polished

GRAPPLED with my opponent
a) chatted
b) joked
c) wrestled
d) dealt

traveled INCOGNITO
a) widely
b) in disguise
c) alone
d) first-class

a LEGENDARY performance
a) little-known
b) strange
c) famous
d) sold-out

MYRIAD of lifeforms
a) many
b) familar
c) new
d) alien

JOSTLED by the crowd
a) heckled
b) followed
c) hailed
d) shoved

an unexpected BONANZA
a) twist
b) windfall
c) guest
d) failure

an ENTERPRISING salespeson
a) bold
b) unlucky
c) apprentice
d) experienced

members if the ELITE
a) old guard
b) middle class
c) lower orders
d) upper crust

searched through the RUBBLE
a) clothes
b) papers
c) valuables
d) ruins

BANTERED with the ump
a) argued
b) conferred
c) joked
d) sympathized

SYNONYM: premonition
a) obituary
b) forewarning
c) afterthought
d) conclusion

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