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Medical offices should do an inventory every______.
a) 3 months
b) every 4-5 weeks
c) every 1-2 weeks
d) every 6 months

For lateral retrieval, information should be stored on a __________.
a) modem
b) hard drive disk
c) CPU
d) printer

Improper hand postitioning at the keyboard is linked to ___________.
a) bursitis
b) anemia
c) carpal tunnel syndrome
d) wrist fractures

An advantage of a notebook computer is that ___________
a) it is larger than a desktop
b) operates on an AC adapter
c) placed on the floor
d) eliminates the need for scanners

A disadvantage of having live plants in a recetion area is: ______________
a) they take up space
b) require attention by the office
c) may be poisonous if eaten by children
d) can spill

A sign of anxiey is _________
a) a relaxed appearance
b) decrease pulse
c) sweaty palms
d) passiveness

A way to improve your listening skills is to ____________.
a) think before you respond
b) display concern
c) avoid feedback
d) give a quick response

Standing, facing the patient and holding your arms at the side while conversating with the patient is an example of
a) passive listening
b) aggressiveness
c) an open posture
d) assertiveness

Body language is an example of ____________
a) empathy
b) personal space
c) Nonverbal communication
d) interpersonal skills

Which is a type of soft skill?
a) Scheduling appointments
b) cleaning exam rooms
c) being respectful
d) managing medical records

What types of skills includes listening, observing, speaking and writing?
a) Empathy
b) Communication skills
c) Persistence
d) Critical thinking skills

A physician that studies changes in cells, fluids and tissues is known as a________
a) endocrinologist
b) internist
c) family practitioner
d) pathologist

The world's largest publisher of scientific and medical infomation is the ________
a) APA
b) AMA
d) AHA

The set of govenment regulations that help ensure provacy of healthcare information is known as____?
d) CLIA 88

Externships are considered_________?
a) voluntary
b) selective
c) mandatory
d) optional

What is the process by which programs are officially authorized?
a) Externship
b) Registration
c) Cerification
d) Acreditation

CMA must certify every _____?
a) 5 years
b) 6 years
c) 3 years
d) 2 years

The patient owns and maintains which type of electronic record?
a) EMR
b) PHR
c) PIR
d) MRI

For which of the following services is it ethical for a physician to bill?
a) an office visit
b) dispensing a drug
c) office pamphlets
d) parking access

Once employed, you can expect to be evaluated after about ______.
a) 2 weeks
b) 3 months
c) 6 months
d) 9 months

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