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Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were all considered great trading empires because:
a) They traded salt and gold.
b) They traded slaves.
c) They traded cotton and silk.
d) They traded ideas and information

What helped the Spanish to defeat the Mesoamericans?
a) guns
b) horses
c) dieases
d) all of the above

What are the rules all Muslims must follow called?
a) Five Rules of Islam
b) Five Pillars of Islam
c) Qur'an
d) The Holy Book

What was Francisco Pizzaro famous for?
a) He was the first to make a journey to Mecca.
b) He invaded and defeated the Maya.
c) He invaded and defeated the Inca.
d) He was the richest African king in history.

Why were floating gardens created?
a) Used as a way to cross to their island city.
b) To use as a way to reach the captial city of Mecca.
c) To help the Maya farm on the sides of mountains.
d) To help the Aztec farm in their swampy environment.

Why was the land bridge important?
a) This was a strip of land used to cross the Sahara Desert.
b) It helped people cross the Atlantic Ocean.
c) It allowed Hunter-Gatherers to cross into North and South America.
d) This was how Hernan Cortes found the Aztec civilization.

Which of the following does NOT deal with the Maya civilization?
a) creation of ziggurats
b) Human sacrifices
c) 365 day calendar
d) the number zero

Which of the following does NOT deal with Africa?
a) Maize
b) cotton
c) Islam
d) Mansa Musa

Which of the following does NOT deal with the Inca?
a) aqueducts
b) roads
c) no written language
d) monotheistic

The Pueblo Indians lived in the side of mountains. This means they were..
a) mound builders
b) cliff dwellers
c) cliff builders
d) mountain dwellers

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