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Over time, an acorn becomes an oak seedling and then an oak tree. This is an example of ___.
a) reproduction
b) metabolism
c) homeostasis
d) development

Which of the following are characteristics that all living organisms share?
a) all living things have DNA
b) all living things grow and develop
c) all living things have cells
d) all of the answers

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
a) all living things reproduce
b) all living things sense and respond to change
c) all living things obtain water by drinking
d) all living things use energy

DNA provides instructions for making ___.
a) proteins
b) simple carbohydrates
c) comples carbohydrates
d) lipids

The transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring is ___.
a) development
b) metabolism
c) heredity
d) homeostasis

The process of maintaining a stable internal evnironment is known as ___.
a) metabolism
b) heredity
c) stimuli
d) homeostasis

The resemblance of offsprings to their parents is a result of ___.
a) heredity
b) metabolism
c) stimuli
d) homeostasis

When a planarian worm is cut in half, each half develops into a whole worm. This is an example of ___ reproduction
a) asexual
b) sexual
c) both
d) none of the answers

___ is the passing of the chemical activities that an organism's cells perform.
a) Homeostasis
b) Metabolism
c) Heredity
d) Stimulis

___ refers to all of the chemicals activities that an organism's cells perform.
a) Metabolism
b) Heredity
c) Stimulis
d) Homeostasis

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