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The Greater Antilles include all of t he following except-
a) Cuba
b) Hispanolia
c) Jamaica
d) Barbados

The incas developed an efficient _____________ across the Andes Mountains.
a) Canal System
b) Road System
c) Livestock System
d) Literary System

Colca Canyon is _____________ as deep as the Grand Canyon.
a) five times
b) three times
c) twice
d) not

The Andes Mountains run across / down the ____________ side of South America.
a) Northern
b) Southern
c) Eastern
d) Western

Which of the following did the Incas develop to help farming in the Andes?
a) Terraces
b) New types of corn
c) New types of turtles
d) An advanced plow

What is the largest flying bird in the World which inhabits Colca Canyon and the Andes Mountains?
a) Bullfinch
b) Condor
c) Eagle
d) Vulture

What is the highest mountain in the Andes?
a) Mt. Everest
b) Grandfather Mountain
c) Mt. Antilles
d) Mt. Aconcagua

Were do the Andes Mountains begin?
a) Venezuela
b) Peru
c) Argentina
d) Brazil

The Andes are the _________ mountain chain in the world.
a) highest
b) largest
c) longest
d) shortest

Which of the following is not part of Latin America?
a) South America
b) the Caribbean
c) Mexico
d) Australasia

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