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Where do they bury the pig
a) Beside the barn
b) in the pond
c) at the neighbors house
d) under the apple tree

Who wrote Death of a Pig?
a) Sally Struthers
b) Polly Wantsacracker
c) E.B. White
d) B.E. White

Why other book did the author write?
a) The Outsiders
b) Freedom Walkers
c) Moby Dick
d) Charlotte's Web

What is the extended metephor in this essay?
a) He is comparing the pig to the seasons of the year.
b) He is comparing the farm to a wrestling match.
c) He is comparing the life on the farm to a play.
d) He is comparing his dog to superman.

What is the theme of the essay?
a) Reflection of sad life
b) Be good to people and they will be good to you
c) Cherish life and that we must all die sometime
d) Be all that you can be

Describe how the author creates a homespun flavor to this essay.
a) He uses words like blossomtime and descriptive words to describe the farming community.
b) I did not notice any homespun flavor in the essay.
c) He uses words like peach orchard, pig, dog and house.
d) He uses words like pigpen, root , sawdust and ducks.

Who is Fred? What is his relationship to the author?
a) Fred is his son. They have a very rocky relationship
b) Fred is the name of the sick pig. He forms a very close relationship with him.
c) Fred is his dog. He treats him like he was his son.
d) Fred is his best friend that lives down the road.

How does the author's attitude towards the pig change when the pig gets sick?
a) The author's attitude doesn't change.
b) The author's forms a close bond with the big. He becomes the pig doctor, nurse and friend.
c) The author's attitude is nochalent. Pigs live, Pigs die.
d) It wasn't his pig so he didn't really care.

Why does the death of the pig bother the author so much?
a) it bothers him because he will not have bacon or ham in the fall
b) He thinks one of his neighbors is out to get him and poisened the pig
c) He realized that everyone or thing must die at some point.
d) After the pig dies, he is haunted by his ghost.

What did the author do for a living?
a) He was a farm hand
b) He was a farmer and he rasied pigs.
c) He was a volunteer fireman
d) He was an animal doctor.

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