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Fold mountains are caused by what force?
a) compression
b) gravity
c) shear
d) tension

Farmers can protect the mineral content of soil by
a) rotating crops and contour plowing
b) adding fertilizers and rotating crops
c) adding fertilizers and terracing
d) terracing and contour planting

The rocky surface that makes up the top of Earth's lithosphere is the
a) inertia
b) fault
c) ore
d) crust

A rock formed when bits of matter join together is a(n)
a) ore
b) sedimentary rock
c) planet
d) igneous rock

The tendency of a moving object to keep moving in a straight line is
a) inertia
b) ore
c) crust
d) gem

An earthquake is related to a crack in the crust called a(n)
a) magma
b) crust
c) inertia
d) fault

An object that travels around a star in a path is a(n)
a) planet
b) crust
c) fault
d) inertia

Hot, molten rock deep below Earth's surface is called a(n)
a) inertia
b) sedimentary rock
c) igneous rock
d) magma

A mineral containing a useful substance is called a(n)
a) rock
b) gem
c) ore
d) crust

A mineral that is valued for being rare and beautifulis a(n)
a) gem
b) magma
c) inertia
d) meteorite

A rock formed when melted rock material cools and hardens is a(n)
a) planet
b) igneous rock
c) meteorite
d) sedimentary rock

A rock from space that strikes a surface is a(n)
a) ore
b) gem
c) meteorite
d) fault

What does a mineral with a metallic luster look like?
a) shiny
b) oily
c) waxy
d) dull

What causes weathering and erosion on the Moon?
a) glaciers
b) water
c) wind
d) meteorites

What is NOT true of the moon?
a) is a planet
b) has a lithosphere
c) has no hydrosphere
d) is Earth's closest neighbor in space

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