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4 ? 5 = 9
a) Multiply
b) add
c) subtract
d) divide

one thousand, five hundred
a) 150
b) 051
c) 1500
d) 5100

Trever had 5 marbles he gave 3 to Carter, and Carter gave 1 to Miciah. How many do they each have?
a) Trever has 5, Carter has 3, miciah has 1
b) Trever has 2, Carter has 2, Miciah has 1
c) Trever has 8, Carter has 0, Miciah has 2
d) Trever has 1, Carter has 2, Miciah has 2

How do you spell these numbers? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
a) on, to, three, four, five, six
b) one, too, three, four, five, six
c) one, two, three, four, five, sixe
d) one, two, three, four, five, six

Describe me: Watermelon
a) green on the outside, red on the inside, brown seeds
b) green on the outside, pink on the inside
c) dark green on the outside, red on the inside, black seeds
d) blue on the inside, pink on the outside, green seeds

Which is fiction?
a) Cat
b) Dog
c) Dragon
d) Person

Which is Non-Fiction
a) Fairy
b) troll
c) Cat
d) Ghost

How much is a quarter worth?
a) 5 cents
b) 25 cents
c) 1 cent
d) 3 cents

What is a dime worth?
a) 10 cents
b) 2 cents
c) 1 cent
d) 5 cents

5 cents is worth...
a) a quarter
b) a nickel
c) a dime
d) a penny

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