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In what state does water exist in the atmosphere?
a) gas and solid
b) gas
c) gas and liquid
d) All three states

What problem is caused by water's ability to dissolve substances?
a) frozen fish
b) decreased water supply
c) chemical reactions
d) pollution

Why is capillary action important to living things?
a) It allows insects to walk on water
b) It allows chemical reactions to take place
c) It allows plants to move water from the ground upward
d) it allows live to continue under ice

What is the characteristic of a substance that indicates how easily it heats up or cools down?
a) density
b) specific heat
c) universal solvent
d) polarity

What is the movement upward through a small space against the pull of gravity called?
a) capillary action
b) surface tension
c) universal solvent
d) specific heat

What is the tendancy for water molecules at the top to hold tightly to one another?
a) polarity
b) capillary action
c) surface tension
d) solvent

What is an object that has opposite ends, positive/negative or north/south, called?
a) cohesion
b) solvent
c) surface tension
d) polar

What is the tendency of water molecules to stick to molecules of other substances called?
a) adhesion
b) cohesion
c) polarity
d) capillary action

What is the tendency of water molecules to stick to other water molecules called?
a) adhesion
b) cohesion
c) surface tension
d) polarity

Why is the fact that water heats and cools slowly important to life?
a) It means water is a good coolant
b) It makes it harder to store heat.
c) It effects climates
d) It has no affect on living things

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