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Domed ceilings in Roman architecture were known as
a) arches
b) vaults
c) roofs
d) circulatories

Who was the founder of Christianity?
a) Paul
b) Augustus
c) Jesus of Nazareth
d) Mahatma Ghandi

Name the emperor who removed the ban on Christianity
a) Diocletian
b) Augustus
c) Justinian
d) Constantine

The Romans did not want the invaders to attack their empire and invade Rome. What did they do to try to stop the Gothic invaders?
a) The Romans paid them money
b) The Romans beefed up their army and attacked first
c) The Romans called upon the Spartans for help
d) The Romans prayed that they wouldn't be taken over

The fall of Rome began with poor leadership, attacks from outside invaders, and
a) breakdown of the family
b) no trade throughout the empire
c) natural disasters
d) economic decline

Justinian passions included:
a) Roman Law
b) building churches
c) reuniting the empire
d) all of the above

The empress Theodora helped
a) Justinian fight for the empire
b) women gain more rights
c) the theater prosper
d) both a and b.

The tribes of invaders that began attacking the Roman empire were collectively called the __________ tribes.
a) Celtic
b) Germanic
c) Slavic
d) Egyptian

After the fall of Rome in 410, the eastern empire went on to be known as the
a) Byzantine Empire
b) Holy Roman Empire
c) Empire of Constantine
d) United Germanic States

If you were visiting Rome in the first century where would you go to see the domed skylight and to honor the gods?
a) Colosseum
b) Pantheon
c) Roman Bath
d) Circus Maximus

Where did the Roman's hold the gladiator contests?
a) Colosseum
b) Roman Bath houses
c) Aqueducts
d) Appian Way

What was the name of the church that Justinian had built?
a) The Appian Way
b) Church of Constantine
c) Church of Hagia Sophia
d) Justinian was not a Christian so he did not built churches.

Which emperor moved the capital of the Roman empire from Rome to Constantinople?
a) Constantine
b) Diocletian
c) Justinian
d) Nero

What is the Praetorian Guard?
a) A fancy place to eat in the Roman Forum
b) A temple that was built to honor the Roman gods and goddesses
c) The emperor's body guards
d) None of these answers

Which emperor is credited with beginning the Pax Romana?
a) Nero
b) Diocletian
c) Augustus
d) Julius Ceasar

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