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Simplify 0.5(-14c + 2) - 4(c + 2) + 12(c - 3) - 12(1/3c + 1)
a) -3c - 55
b) 2c - 10
c) 6c - 2
d) 4c - 1

There are a total 13 watermelons and cantaloupes for sale at a store for $20. The watermelons cost $2 each and the cantaloupes cost $1 each. What is the system of equations that can be used to determine w, watermelons, and c, cantaloupes?
a) 2w + c = 20 and w + c = 13
b) 2w + c = 13 and w + c = 20
c) 2w + 2c = 13 and 2w + 2c = 20
d) w + 2c = 20 and w + c = 13

Find the equivalent equation of 5x + 3y = 6y - 12
a) y = 5/3x + 4
b) y = 2x + 4
c) y = 2/3x + 4
d) y = 5/6x - 2

Subway sells sandwiches for $5 each. The total cost of a trip to Subway is a function of the number of sandwiches purchased. What is dependent in this situation?
a) The total cost of a trip to Subway
b) $5 each sandwich
c) The number of sandwiches purchased.
d) How many times you go to Subway

You are given the following two functions: f(x) = -8x + 2 and g(x) = -8x + 5. How does the graph of f compare with the graph of g?
a) f is parallel to g.
b) f is steeper than g.
c) f is less steep than g.
d) f and g have the same y-intercept.

What is the zero of the following coordinate points? (1,3), (0,2), (-2,1), (-4,0), (-6,-1)
a) -4
b) 2
c) 1
d) 3

If 4x + 8y = 16, what is the value of x when y = 1?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Which of the following could represent a y-intercept?
a) The initial amount of supplies
b) The ending amount of supplies
c) The amount of supplies per month
d) The amount of supplies used per month

Which of the following could represent an x-intercept?
a) The ending number of oranges
b) The beginning number of oranges
c) The number of oranges per month.
d) The initial amount of time

Which of the following could represent slope?
a) Miles per gallon
b) The initial amount of time
c) The ending number of minutes
d) The times it takes to get to the mall

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