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Which of the following macromolecules is the main source of energy for living things?
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) nucleic acids
d) carbohydrates

A by-product of dehydration synthesis is
a) carbon dioxide
b) hydrogen
c) oxygen
d) water

When sugars are put together, they go through which process?
a) hydrolysis
b) dehydration synthesis
c) ionic bonding
d) digestion

A monosaccharide is a type of
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) nucleic acid
d) protein

a) are usually made of proteins
b) catalyze chemical reactions
c) reduce the activation energy in chemical reactions
d) all of the above

Glycerol is made of fatty acids.
a) True
b) False

Amino acids are made of proteins
a) True
b) False

Proteins are made of amino acids.
a) True.
b) False

Simple sugars are made of polysaccharides.
a) True.
b) False.

When bonds in macromolecules are broken, they release
a) heat
b) energy
c) atoms
d) water

Insulin is a
a) protein
b) lipid
c) amino acid
d) carbohydrate

A polysaccharide is made of
a) one sugar
b) two sugars
c) three sugars
d) many sugars

A lipid contains
a) three fatty acids and a glycerol
b) three amino acids and a glycerol
c) three fatty acids
d) three fatty acids linked by a protein

Negative feedback means that an increase in one action will
a) decrease another action
b) increase another action
c) increase the same action
d) stop everything all together

Which of the following molecules is an enzyme?
a) lipose
b) glucose
c) lactose
d) lipase

Chemical messengers are
a) active sites
b) cell receptors
c) hormones
d) disaccharides

What effect would the lack of insulin have on the body?
a) Cells can't take up glucose
b) Water will leave the cells
c) The body can't produce enzymes
d) All of the above

When sugars are broken apart, they go through which process?
a) hydrolysis
b) dehydration synthesis
c) ionic bonding
d) digestion

Which of the following is a three dimensional polymer made of monomers of amino acids?
a) lipid
b) protein
c) glucose

When you are cold, your brain sends signals to release hormones to increase metabolic activity and generate heat. When your body returns to normal, the brain stops sending the signals. This is an example of
a) a negative feedback loop
b) a positive feedback loop
c) a neutral feedback loop
d) none of the above

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