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What event sparked the French and Indian War?
a) A force commanded by Washington clashed with the French near the forks of the Ohio River
b) The colonists called the Albany Congress
c) The British attacked Quebec
d) The French refused to honor the Treaty of Utrecht

What was the French and Indian War called in Europe?
a) Queen Mary's War
b) King William's War
c) The Seven Year War
d) The French and Indian War

Why did the Iroquois ally with the British?
a) The British governors had treated them fairly
b) British trappers had made friends with the Indians
c) The Iroquois feared the growth of French power
d) The Iroquois' enemy had joined the French.

Why was Franklin's Albany Plan a failure?
a) The colonists were suspicious of Franklin
b) The colonists feared centralized government
c) Not enough delegates showed up at the Albany Congress
d) The king outlawed the Albany Congress

The British three-part plan to win the Seven Years' War included all of the follwoing EXCEPT to
a) leave fighting in Europe to its ally, Prussia
b) leave fighting in America to the colonists
c) use its fleet to isolate the French colonies
d) replace old, incompetent commanders.

The key campaign of the French and Indian War was the capture of
a) Fort Duwquesne
b) Louisburg
c) Montreal
d) Qeubec

What peace treaty brought an end to the French and Indian War?
a) Albany Congress
b) Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
c) Treaty of Paris
d) Treaty of Utrecht

Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain who won the Seven Years' War?
a) Patrick Henry
b) Louis Joliet
c) George Grenville
d) William Pitt

Who was the colonial commander who fought the first skirmish of the French and Indian War?
a) Samuel Adams
b) George Washington
c) George Grenville
d) William Pitt

Guerilla warfare is
a) Two large monkeys fighting over a banana
b) engaged in during King William's War
c) Successfully used first by Lord Marleborough
d) a surprise attack by a small, hidden group.

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