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What Geographic feature was at the heart of the Louisiana Territory?
a) Ohio River
b) Appalachian Mountains
c) Mississippi River
d) Hudson Bay

Unter the Treaty of Utrecht, Britain gained territory in all of the following regions EXCEPT
a) Eastern Canada
b) Louisiana
c) The West Indies
d) Gibraltar

What advantage did the Frenchy have over the British throughout the French and Indian War?
a) Stronger Indian allies
b) larger po;ulation in Noth America
c) Better fleet
d) Popular support for the war

What was Britain's chief disadvantage during the French and Indian War?
a) lack of money
b) lack of suffiencient ships
c) poorly trained soldiers
d) lack of colonial unity

Who were the Acadians?
a) Indians who allied witht he British
b) Indians who joined Pontiac against the British
c) Canadians who joined the French army
d) French settlers who were forcibly removed from Nova Scotia.

Why was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham important?
a) The American colonists proved their military skills.
b) The British captured the French Canadian capital.
c) The French stopped the British invasion of Canada
d) Pontiac's rebellion was crushed.

Nationalism grew in the American colonies for all of the following reasons EXCEPT that
a) the colonies were isolated from the help of Britain
b) private ownership of land gave Americans a stake in their society
c) the colonies were accustomed to self-government
d) all the colonists had a common heritage from Great Britain.

Which law was a direct threat against the colonists'
a) Proclamation Line
b) Quartering Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Townshend Acts

Who was the French priest who explored the upper Mississippi River
a) Jacques Marquette
b) Marquis de Montcalm
c) Pontiac
d) James Wolfe

Who was the talented British general who died capturing Quebec?
a) La Salle
b) James Wolfe
c) Edward Braddock
d) Edward Rutledge

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