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During the expansion of Islam this area in Europe became home to many influential Islamic thinkers
a) France
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) Islam didn't expand

How was Islam Spread
a) Trade Routes
b) Conflicts/Military
c) Sporting Events
d) Both a and b

Type of Leader chose by the Muslims to rule the Arab Empire after Muhammad died and named no successor
a) Sultan
b) King
c) Caliph
d) Tzar

He was an Islamic Prophet who spread the word of Allah
a) Muhammad
b) Jesus
c) God
d) Joseph

Islamic Place of Worship
a) Mosque
b) Church
c) Temple
d) Synagogue

Where did Islam start
a) Africa
b) Arabia
c) India
d) China

Islam's Holy BOok
a) BIble
b) Torah
c) Koran
d) Doctrine

Major World Religion based on the teachings of Muhammad
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Buddhism
d) Judaism

This area is the center of Islam. It is located between the Red Sea and Persian Gulf
a) Arabian Peninsula
b) Persia
c) Asia Minor
d) Mongolia

This Group governed the Arab Empire after the first 4 Caliphs and expanded Islam
a) Umayyad
b) Ottoman
c) Abbasid
d) Turks

This group ruled during the Arab Empire's golden age. They made Baghdad the capital
a) Umayyads
b) Ottomans
c) Abbasid
d) Turks

This group of nomads captured Baghdad and ended the Arab Empire. After this other Muslim groups created their own empires
a) Ottomans
b) Seljuk Turks
c) Umayyads
d) Abbasid

The two types of Islam that developed
a) Sunni and Shia
b) Orthodox and liberal
c) Mekkah and Madinah
d) None of the above

This Muslim Empire was ruled by Sultans and conquered parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa
a) Ottomans
b) Seljuk Turks
c) Safavids
d) Moguls

This Empire was ruled by Shahs and ruled over Persia
a) Ottoman
b) Seljuk Turks
c) Safavids
d) Moguls

This Muslim Empire held power in India
a) Ottomans
b) Seljuk Turks
c) Safavids
d) Moguls

This achievement was an example of multiculturalism
a) Elephant Clock
b) 1001 Arabian Nights
c) Camera
d) Bazzarr

This navigation tool was originally invented by the Greeks but improved by the Muslims
a) Banking
b) Bazzarr
c) Astrolabe
d) Columns

Sulieman I was an Ottoman leader who led during the Ottoman Empire's Golden Age and is credited with making great achievements
a) True
b) False

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