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_____________ is the study of earth's natural and human-made features.
a) region
b) valley
c) geography
d) coastal

________ is a section of a place that has one or more things in common.
a) plain
b) piedmont
c) region
d) ridge

__________ is flat, level land.
a) plain
b) plateau
c) ridge
d) valley

____________ is higher land than a plain.
a) plain
b) plateau
c) piedmont
d) region

_________ is a long stretch of mountains or hills.
a) coastal
b) plateau
c) region
d) ridge

___________ is a lower, level land between two ridges.
a) plain
b) plateau
c) valley
d) piedmont

____________ is land that stretches out from the bottom of mountains.
a) piedmont
b) coastal
c) plain
d) valley

Harrisburg is located in what region?
a) Erie Plain
b) Allegheny Plateau
c) Piedmont
d) Atlantic Coastal Plain

How do we remember the order of Pennsylvania's regions?

Whic region touches Lake Erie?
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) Ridge and Valley
c) Allegheny Plateau
d) Erie Plain

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