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Which of the following have their own shape?
a) Gasoline
b) Gases
c) Liquids
d) Solids

Which of the following is a property of solids, liquids, AND gases?
a) They have mass and volume.
b) They have their own shape.
c) They take the shape of their container.
d) They are always more than 2 grams.

Which tool measures mass?
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Scale
c) Meter Stick
d) Displacement

Which tool measures volume?
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Scale
c) Meter Stick
d) Displacement

We measure mass in ____?____
a) milliliters
b) millimeters
c) grams
d) gallons

We measure volume in ____?______
a) millimeters (mm)
b) milliliters (mL)
c) grams
d) gallons

How does a scientist write water?
a) O2
b) CO2
c) Wat
d) H2O

What is the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?
a) 32 degrees
b) 100 degrees
c) 232 degrees
d) 212 degrees

If you want an ice cube to turn to a liquid more quickly, you should __________?
a) Put it in the freezer
b) Put it in water
c) Add heat
d) Crush it

A mug is 120 grams. Coffee is added. The mug + the coffee is 210 grams. What is the mass of the liquid coffee?
a) 330 grams
b) 330 mL
c) 90 grams
d) 210 grams

What object was Archimedes trying to find the volume of?
a) a diamond
b) a bathtub
c) a necklace
d) a crown

Susie filled a graduated cylinder to 50 mL. She dropped in a rock. The graduated cylinder water level rose to 62 mL. What is the volume of the rock?
a) 12 grams
b) 112 mL
c) 12 mL
d) 112 grams

Which state of matter is usually invisible?
a) solids
b) liquids
c) gases
d) gasoline

Which of the following is a mixture of many gases?
a) oxygen
b) helium
c) nitrogen
d) air

Air is mostly ___?____
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) helium

Which word describes how much space something takes up in the world?
a) mass
b) volume
c) weight
d) density

When water is a gas, we call it ___?_____
a) ice
b) steam
c) water vapor
d) Both 2 and 3

Which of the following is NOT a gas?
a) helium
b) nitrogen
c) gasoline
d) carbon monoxide

Which word describes how much matter is present?
a) mass
b) volume
c) density
d) length

Which has the greatest volume?
a) golf ball
b) marble
c) tennis ball
d) A BB

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