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Which type of ecosystem is the ground beneath the surface frozen all year?qq
a) tundra
b) desert
c) prairie
d) wetland

What kind of fossil preserves the hand and soft parts of an animal?
a) a fossil in amber
b) a trace fossil
c) a cast fossil
d) a fossil from a tar pit

Which of the following is a producer?
a) grass
b) deer
c) hawk
d) dog

What is a decomposer?
a) an organism such as an earthworm that eats the remains of an animal.
b) a dead animal or plant
c) the waste of dead animals and plants
d) a consumer that gets energy by eating only plants

What is most likely to happen if most of a population of animals dies of disease?
a) The food web will change.
b) The food web will stop.
c) The decomposers will die.
d) The producers will also get the disease.

What is passed along in a food chaine?
a) energy
b) heribivores
c) ecosystem
d) air

What is the main source of energy in an ecosystem?
a) sunlight
b) predators
c) water
d) plants

A group of organisms of the same kind living in an area is a(n)
a) population
b) community
c) ecosystem
d) habitat

What makes up an ecosystem?
a) living and nonliving things
b) sunlight and water
c) decomposers and producers
d) populations and communities

Which happens first?
a) An animal dies and sinks to the bottom of a lake.
b) Sand, mud and sediments cover the animal.
c) Sediments harden into rock perserving an animal's shape.
d) The soft parts of an animal decay.

Which of the following is a correct food chain?
a) sunlight...ferns...deer... mountain lion
b) water....ferns....deer... mountain lion
c) mountain lion....deer....ferns...sunlight
d) deer...ferns...mountian lion....sunlight

How is a food web different from a food chain?
a) A food web is many overlapping paths of energy through an ecosystem.
b) A food web is only one path of energy through an ecosystem.
c) Food webs have only consumers and decomposers.
d) Food webs most energy comes from carnivores.

Which of the following is a carnivore?
a) snake
b) butterfly
c) groundhog
d) deer

Which of the following is a population?
a) all the zebras that live near a watering hole.
b) ll the nonliving and living things in the savannah
c) decomposers in an environment
d) all the fossils found in a square mile radius

What is a paleontologist?
a) a scientist who studies fossils to learn about extinct organisms
b) A scientist who studies the populations of an ecosystem.
c) A scientist who studies food webs and food chains.
d) A member of a spcies that live in an area

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