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A device that measures wind speed.
a) Anemometer
b) Barometer
c) Thermometer
d) Hygrometer

an instrument that measures air pressure
a) Barometer
b) Wind Vane
c) Hygrometer
d) Thermometer

measures water vapor in atmosphere (humidity)
a) Hygrometer
b) Barometer
c) Anemometer
d) Thermometer

Any form of water particles that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground.
a) Precipitation
b) Run Off
c) Condensation
d) Evaporation

measures how much water has fallen
a) Rain Gauge
b) Water thing
c) Anemometer
d) Barometer

Measurement of heat in an object
a) Temperature
b) Anemometer
c) Barometer
d) Hygrometer

Measures temperature
a) Thermometer
b) Temperature
c) Barometer
d) Hygrometer

What the lower atmosphere is like at any given place and time. 
a) Weather
b) Climate
c) Hygrometer
d) Precipitation

the average weather patterns of a region
a) Climate
b) Weather
c) Precipitation
d) Hygrometer

measures wind direction
a) Wind Vane
b) Hygrometer
c) Anemometer
d) Barometer

indicate atmospheric conditions above a large portion of the Earth's surface
a) weather maps
b) hygrometer
c) barometer
d) anemometer

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