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When many monosaccharides join together they form a larger macromolecule called a:
a) polymacromolecule
b) polysaccharide
c) dipolymer
d) trisaccharide

Many animals store excess sugar in the form of a polysaccharide called:
a) glucose
b) fructose
c) glycogen
d) cellulose

Another name for the polysaccharide glycogen is:
a) plant starch
b) organic starch
c) inorganic starch
d) animal starch

How does the human body supply more glucose when levels in the body run low?
a) breaks down cellulose
b) breaks down galactose
c) breaks down glycogen
d) breaks down glycerol

Where is glycogen stored in the human body where it can provide energy for movement?
a) bones
b) muscles
c) teeth
d) skin

Which of the following is NOT one of the most common types of lipids?
a) waxes
b) fats
c) acids
d) oils

A lipid synthesized by the body that includes hormones is:
a) plaque
b) steroids
c) wax
d) cholesterol

Hormones are a lipid synthesized by the human body that serve as:
a) chemical messengers
b) glucose monitors
c) steroid activators
d) enzyme producers

What element forms the backbone of each lipid molecule?
a) oxygen
b) carbon
c) silicon
d) phosphorus

If each carbon to carbon bond in a lipid's fatty acid molecules is a single bond, the lipid is said to be:
a) unsaturated
b) maxed out
c) saturated
d) fully bonded

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