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What is the foot dribble?
a) Bouncing the ball with your foot.
b) Kicking the ball with your toes.
c) Using the top/bottom of your foot to move the ball.
d) Using the inside/outside of your foot to move the ball.

What does TRAP mean when referring to the foot dribble?
a) Kicking the ball in the air.
b) Stopping the ball with your foot.
c) Slapping the ball with your hand.
d) Passing the ball to someone else.

For one minute, do some jumping jacks without stopping until the minute is up. What happened to your heart beat?
a) It became faster.
b) It slowed down.
c) It made me smile.
d) It began to sweat.

When do you need to use the T-POSITION?
a) For the foot dribble.
b) For the underhand throw.
c) For the overhand throw.
d) For the underhand strike.

Which of the following is most likely to cause you to increase your breathing rate?
a) Watching Tv
b) Running a mile.
c) Eating a snack.
d) Going to sleep.

When JUMP ROPING, you have to:
a) Jump first, then turn the rope,
b) Swing rope from side to side.
c) Turn the rope first, then jump.
d) None of the above.

WARM UP is important because:
a) It helps you get ready for more intense exercise.
b) It helps prevent injury.
c) It helps you warm up your muscles.
d) All of the above.

When using the UNDERHAND THROW, how do you hold the ball?
a) On top of your hand.
b) Inside your elbow.
c) In the palm of your hand.
d) On top of your head.

When CATCHING A BALL THAT IS IN THE AIR, what should be your hand position?
a) Heads up.
b) Thumbs in.
c) Thumbs out.
d) Head down.

When SLIDING, your body should be:
a) Moving sidesways and facing backwards.
b) Moving foward and facing sideways.
c) Moving backwards and facing foward.
d) Moving sideways and facing forward.

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