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Convection transfers heat through fluids. Two materials that transfer heat by convection are...
a) water and metal
b) water and air
c) air and sand
d) metal and fire

What energy transformation occurs when using a hair dryer?
a) thermal to electrical to sound
b) electrical to sound to chemical
c) electromagnetic to mechanical to nuclear
d) electrical to mechanical to thermal

When food is put in a refrigerator, the heat from the food is transferred to the air inside the refrigerator. The process continues until the temperature of the food is the same as the air. This is an example of...
a) thermal equilibrium
b) solar radiation
c) specific heat
d) chemical potential energy

People sitting near a campfire can feel the heat from the fire. How are they able to feel the heat off to the side without touching the fire?
a) The heat from the fire moves through the ground by conduction
b) The heat from the fire moves through air molecules by conduction
c) The heat from the fire rises and then settles around the people by convection
d) The heat from the fire moves to the people by radiation

A pinwheel spins when it is held over a burning candle. What energy transformation is this?
a) thermal to mechanical
b) mechanical to electromagnetic
c) sound to thermal
d) thermal to sound

Which statement is an example of energy conservation by reducing consumption?
a) Walk instead of driving a car so not as much oil will need to be pumped from the ground
b) Create a compost pile of discarded fruit and vegetable materials
c) Use a margarine tub to hold coins in a desk drawer
d) Make an art project out of recycled paper, plastic containers, aluminum, and glass

A beaker of water on a hot plate is heated to boiling and then turned off. What will eventually happen to the water temperature?
a) It will remain at boiling temperature
b) It will increase until it reaches room temperature
c) It will decrease until it reaches room temperature
d) It will increase above the boiling point

A pot of water is put on an electric stove and starts to boil. What is the correct order of thermal energy transfers?
a) conduction then radiation
b) convection then conduction
c) convection then radiation
d) conduction then convection

A hand-cranked flashlight has no batteries and works by moving gears inside generating current to run the light. What conversions of energy happen here?
a) mechanical to chemical to electromagnetic
b) mechanical to electrical to electromagnetic
c) chemical to mechanical to electromagnetic
d) chemical to electrical to electromagnetic

Which renewable energy resources would most likely be used in a hot, windy, dry area like a desert?
a) wind and hydroelectric
b) geothermal and solar
c) hydroelectric and coal
d) wind and solar

When warm fluid rises and cold fluid sinks, what type of thermal energy transfer is this?
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) evaporation

A person places a can of soda into a container of ice. Describe the thermal energy transfers.
a) The soda will increase its thermal energy, the ice will decrease its thermal energy
b) Both soda and ice increase in thermal energy
c) The soda will decrease its thermal energy, the ice will increase its thermal energy
d) Both soda and ice decrease thermal energy

When sunlight shines on a radiometer, the blades inside begin to spin. What energy transformation is this?
a) elastic to mechanical
b) mechanical to electrostatic
c) electrical to magnetic
d) electromagnetic to mechanical

What transformation of energy happens inside a battery when it is used?
a) electrical to mechanical and thermal
b) chemical to electrical and thermal
c) mechanical to thermal
d) thermal to chemical

A gasoline powered car drives up a hill. What energy transformation occurs in the car's engine?
a) chemical energy to mechanical energy
b) electrical energy into chemical energy
c) thermal energy into chemical energy
d) mechanical energy into nuclear energy

If used at the same rate, what energy source would run out first?
a) wind
b) solar
c) fossil fuels
d) biomass

A student pours lemonade from a pitcher into a glass. Which statement best describes the change in the liquid's energy as it falls into the glass?
a) The liquid gains both potential and kinetic energy.
b) The liquid loses kinetic energy as it gains potential energy.
c) The liquid's potential energy is changed into kinetic energy.
d) The liquid's potential and kinetic energy combine to form gravitational kinetic.

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