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Failing to plan will cost you
a) time
b) money
c) resoures
d) all of the above

Schooling and training can take many forms including:
a) 2 year schools
b) 4 year schools
c) trade schools
d) all of the above

Samantha struggles in her math class, but Samantha wants to enter into a career that requires a lot of math. All of the following would be good choices for Sarah to make except
a) get help from a tutor when she gets to college
b) reconsider her career choice
c) make a commitment to strengthen her math skills in high school
d) press forward and change nothing. Can't waste time.

Employee A has a job that pays well, but he is very unhappy with his job duties. Employee B has a job that pays poorly but he loves his work duties. What is the best answer?
a) Employee A will always work longer at his job
b) Employee B will always work longer at his job
c) Employee B will probably stay at his job if his pay increases
d) Employee A will probably stay at his job if his pay stays the same since it is still high

Living in a bigger city is more expensive than living in a smaller town because
a) you have to pay for extra amenities
b) space is limited in a big city
c) it is desirable to live in a bigger city especially for young people
d) all of the above

The reality check activity showed you how much you would need to make in order to survive. The act of planning how much money you will earn and spend is called:
a) budgeting
b) financing
c) financial predicting
d) none of the above

If your career test results in this class, you should panic since they are the final say in your career future.
a) false
b) true

Using career clusters can be helpful because if you switch your major or career...
a) all of the above
b) you will save money since you have still completed some school
c) you will save time
d) you can narrow down career exploration choices

Helpful high school courses...
a) all of the above
b) help you take classes that will increase your chance of being successful in college
c) will help you prepare for you job
d) match your career interests

Whichever careers you got on the results from these assessments will be your future professions and you cannot do anything to change that.
a) false
b) true

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