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Which command on the Home ribbon allows a user to change the case of selected text to all uppercase, lowercase, toggle case, sentence case and capitalize each word?
a) modify case
b) superscript
c) change case
d) increase font

Which of the following terms defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters in a document?
a) print
b) font
c) scheme
d) format

Which option on the Apply Styles dialog box changes the settings for a selected style?
a) change styles
b) edit
c) modify
d) new style

What is the process of changing the way characters appear, both on screen and in print, to improve document readability?
a) text formatting
b) character formatting
c) paragraph formatting
d) document formatting

How are different underline styles selected when applying the underline font format to selected text?
a) Choose the Underline drop-down arrow on the Home ribbon to select various underline styles
b) Right-click underlined text and choose underline styles from the Shortcut menu
c) Select the underlined text, then choose Underline Styles from the Insert ribbon
d) Double-click underlined text and choose Underline Styles from the Shortcut menu

In Microsoft Word, what is the name of the group formatting characteristics called?
a) styles
b) effects
c) clusters
d) group

Which commonly used shortcut keys or keyboard combination is used to apply bold formatting to selected text?
a) tab+b
b) shift+b
c) alt+b
d) ctrl+b

What are the built-in or predefined styles used for formatting text called?
a) auto styles
b) instant styles
c) quick styles
d) normal styles

To make text appear in a smaller font size below the middle point of the line, which character formatting effect is applied?
a) superscript
b) subscript
c) strikethrough
d) italic

Which command on the Home ribbon applies a shadow, glow, or reflection to selected text or paragraphs?
a) text effects
b) text highlight color
c) shading
d) color

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